Steve Irwin Up to SOD’s MAHLE/Clevite Beyond Limits Challenge at Crystal


Newt, Steve, NateCar owner Adrianna Irwin, BLC winner Steve Irwin, crew chief (2016 XYZ Machining Crew Chief of the Year) Nathan Whitney

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP 2001 champion Steve Irwin drove his familiar Flying Zero, Krieger Engine powered Maxim to the win in the exciting MAHLE/Clevite Beyond Limits Challenge Race #3 at Crystal Motor Speedway last night.

Starting outside, front row, the Fenton, Michigan, SOD point leader took the lead at the start over pole starter Brad Lamberson.  Irwin maintained a small lead for five laps before 2015 SOD champion Gregg Dalman charged around Lamberson and then Irwin for first.  Dalman was clearly the class of the field and opened up a commanding lead.  Meanwhile, Jay Steinebach’s hard work paid off as he grabbed second from Irwin and began closing in on Dalman who had to contend with heavy traffic as the race wound down.

Steinebach was just four car length behind Dalman when he made hard contact with the outside wall at the flag stand completing lap nineteen.  Steinebach ended up against the wall facing turn four with a flat right front tire bringing out the caution flag and ending his impressive drive.

With five laps to go, Dalman had early leader Irwin behind him and things dramatically changed.  It was clear that Dalman’s handing had gone south as Irwin charged into the lead and drove away.  Dalman continued to struggle as first Thomas Schinderle, then Shawn Valenti passed him also.  Schinderle narrowed Irwin’s lead and pulled alongside the leader once, but it was a wakeup call for the leader as he opened up a small lead and was in complete command at the end.

Irwin (Engler Machine & Tool heat) and Valenti (COMP Cams heat) drove to convincing heat wins.  Early engine wows turned leading SOD sprint car rookie of the year into a spectator for the entire program.

Irwin now leads the MAHLE/Clevite BLC points over Schinderle, Dalman, Chris Jones, and Robert Bulloch.  He also leads SOD championship points over Dalman, Schinderle, Jones, and Robert Huisken.

Heat Races – Winners $100 each

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #1
  # Driver Contingency
1 0 Steve Irwin
2 10s Jay Steinebach Kistler Racing Products
3 49T Gregg Dalman Racing Optics
4 41 Thomas Schinderle
5 8 Justin Ward
6 10J Chris Jones
7 2K Matt Kinzinger
8 24 Eric Smith
9 58 Tony Bures
DNS 77 Andrew Scheid


COMP Cams Heat #2
  # Driver Contingency
1 7 Shawn Valenti
2 27 Brad Lamberson Allstar Performance
3 9E Tim Evilsizer Racing Optics
4 3A Mike Astrauskas
5 89 Chris Pobanz
6 47 Robert Bulloch
7 91 Lexi Adgate
8 6 Tyler Bearden
9 31 Tanner Astrauskas


  # Driver Start Contingencies
1 0 Steve Irwin 2 Rod End Supply
2 41 Thomas Schinderle 8 Rod End Supply
3 7 Shawn Valenti 7 Rod End Supply
4 49T Gregg Dalman 4 Schoenfeld Headers
5 27 Brad Lamberson 1 ATL Racing Fuel Cells
6 9E Tim Evilsizer 3
7 10J Chris Jones 11 Allstar Performance
8 3A Mike Astrauskas 5
9 89 Chris Pobanz 10 King Racing Products
10 8 Justin Ward 9
11 47 Robert Bulloch 12 Keizer Aluminum Wheels
12 91 Lexi Adgate 14
13 58 Tony Bures 17
14 6 Tyler Bearden 16
15 31 Tanner Astrauskas 18
16 10s Jay Steinebach 6
17 2K Matt Kinzinger 13
18 24 Eric Smith 15
DNS 77 Andrew Scheid

KSE Racing Products Hard Charger – Thomas Schinderle (+6)
BR Motorsports Contingency (feature top 10 draw) – Shawn Valenti
DMI (Diversified Machine) Contingency (feature 12-16 draw) – Tyler Bearden
Perfit Corporation Lucky Dog – Chris Jones

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