1. If you fail to make your assigned HOT LAP group, you will go straight to your qualifying spot.
  2. In the case no time is posted, you will be scored last on the grid.
  3. Once all cars have been pushed off, the order will be given by race control to form the line up. Any cars who are late onto track will start from the tail.
  4. We do not cross over cars. If a car scratches from the lineup, the rows move forward. In the event the scratch happens prior to the line up being posted, we will adjust accordingly. 
  5. The front row of the race should approach the designated starting line. Together and fire side by side. A cone/white line will be used to indicate this point. 
  6. There is no passing until you have passed the cone/white line. The race starts (after) your row passes the designated point.
  7. If the front row does not fire together cleanly, we will caution start and the driver deemed at fault will be moved back one row.
  8. If a car in rows behind the leader pulls out and passes prior to the cone/white line, they will be docked 2 spots per car jumped. This docking will occur at next yellow or end of race.
  9. Single file restarts will use same cone/white line as original start. Leader sets the pace and can fire anytime in the vicinity of this area. You must remain single file until you pass cone on front stretch.
  10. Single file restarts there will be no yellow flags for jumps. Offenders will be penalized at next yellow or at end of race. 2 positions per car/cars jumped.
  11. In the event of red flag, they will be closed reds. The only time we will go open red is for fuel. 
  12. There will be a work area in the main event only. If you leave the track in a heat or B-main, you are done for that event.
  13. Cars that report to work area/hot pit will be granted two minutes courtesy time for repairs/flat tire. In the event of a flat tire you must use a used right rear. (NO NEW RIGHT REAR TIRES) There will be no courtesy time after the half way point of A-main.
  14. Time starts when car comes to a stop. Once that time expires you have until leader gets 1 to go. Once he passes flag stand, push off lane is closed.
  15. We do not allow cars to rejoin the race after another yellow even if a lap was not completed.
  16. If you stop on the race track for any reason, you are going to tail.
  17. Cars involved in 2 yellow flags in any event will be disqualified.
  18. Drivers must remain in their cars at all times. Any driver that gets out of a car and starts on track altercation will be disqualified. 
  19. In the event a driver or team has an issue with a track incident, please approach a SOD official in a calm manner and your issue will be gladly heard. We will consider with all of the officials. 
  20. The nights earnings may only be signed & received by the driver or owner. SOD will not deviate on the matter.