Josh Turner SOD Master in Butler WWIII


Winner trophy

Josh Turner with his 2018 WWIII winner trophy.  Photo by Jim DenHamer

ERIE, MI (June 17, 2018) – Josh Turner (Osseo, MI) drove to a spectacular Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP win at Butler Speedway’s WWIII, the second Hog Creek Showdown race Saturday night.

Top Shelf Turner utilized his Gressman Powersports engine and J&J Auto Racing chassis and the track’s top ridge, often slipping over it, blasting by Chad Blonde to the delight of the huge crowd for the win.  Former multi-time Butler champion car owner Tom Dale, turned the wrenches to fine tune Turner’s machine.

Turner started on the pole for the feature with Shawn Valenti.  Valenti took the early lead as Turner was down to third by the end of the first lap and eventually fell to fifth place.  On lap seven, Chad Blonde blasted by Valenti who dropped to fourth by lap 13.

While there was plenty of action up front, all eyes were on Ryan Ruhl.  Ruhl, forced to start twentieth due to a heat race issue, made an impressive charge to fifth by lap twelve before a cut right front tire ended his race early.  It was deja vu with a flat tire taking Ruhl out of contention at the Butler SOD race on May 19.

Meanwhile, back up front, Turner was searching for a way to correct his backslide.  In fifth place on lap nine, Turner moved to fourth on lap ten, third on lap 13, and second on lap 16.  On lap twenty-two, Turner charged past Chad Blonde and withheld cautions and Blonde’s attempts to retake the lead, driving off to a three-car length win.

Qualifying – Lane Automotive/MSD Ignition Fast Masters (fast qualifiers) $50 each

Group Time # Driver
Engler Machine & Tool Heat 14.253 7 Shawn Valenti
COMP Cams Heat 14.272 27B Boston Mead Heat 15.008 71H Ryan Ruhl

Heat Races

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #1
  # Driver Contingency
1 7 Shawn Valenti
2 10s Jay Steinebach
3 11 Trey Smith Benic Enterprises
4 7J Joe Swanson Racing Optics
5 0 Ricky Ferkel
6 29 Daryl Shaffer
7 8 Justin Ward
8 66 Kyle Stepke


COMP Cams Heat #2
  # Driver Contingency
1 41 Thomas Schinderle
2 4T Josh Turner
3 39 Tylar Rankin Benic Enterprises
4 77 Andrew Scheid Racing Optics
5 1a Mark Aldrich
6 52 Zac Broughman
7 6 Tyler Bearden
8 27B Boston Mead Heat #3
  # Driver Contingency
1 27K Jason Blonde
2 5b Chad Blonde
3 24+ Mike Schumaker Benic Enterprises
4 96M Josh Mohr
5 24 Eric Smith
6 8W Josh Ward
7 71H Ryan Ruhl


  # Driver Awards Contingencies
1 4T Josh Turner Rod End Supply
2 5b Chad Blonde Jim Coffey & Son Rod End Supply
3 7 Shawn Valenti Rod End Supply
4 7J Joe Swanson Schoenfeld Headers
5 10s Jay Steinebach ATL Racing Fuel Cells
6 0 Ricky Ferkel
7 27K Jason Blonde
8 77 Andrew Scheid
9 1a Mark Aldrich King Racing Products
10 24+ Mike Schumaker
11 96M Josh Mohr Keizer Aluminum Wheels
12 11 Trey Smith
13 29 Daryl Shaffer
14 52 Zac Broughman
15 66 Kyle Stepke
16 39 Tylar Rankin
17 8 Justin Ward
18 71H Ryan Ruhl
19 41 Thomas Schinderle
20 6 Tyler Bearden
21 8W Josh Ward
22 24 Eric Smith
DNS 27B Boston Mead

KSE Racing Products Hard Charger – Ricky Ferkel (+7)
BR Motorsports Contingency (feature top 10 draw) – Chad Blonde
DMI (Diversified Machine) Contingency (feature 12-16 draw) – Kyle Stepke
Perfit Corporation Lucky Dog – Josh Ward
Allstar Performance Better Luck Next Time – Tyler Bearden

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