FAQ #2: 2016 SoD rules – car weight


 FAQ 2 Scale

 QUESTION #1 – Is it true that SoD does not have a specific weight requirement for 2016?


 QUESTION #2 – So unsafe cars will be allowed to race with SoD?

No. SoD rules emphasize safety, and do more to ensure safety than rules of most other tracks and organizations.

 While many people assume that a lightweight car must be unsafe, very few give a second thought to a car that is over a required weight limit.  Weight limits, however, are based on cost control, not safety.  1,475 pounds, 1,500 pounds or whatever weight is just an arbitrary number that in no way insinuates that a car at or above that weight is safer than one below.

 QUESTION #3 – Was this rule put in place just so SoD wouldn’t have to weigh cars?

No.  Actually, more cars will be weighed in 2016 than have been in a while.  Cars will be weighed for the purpose of evaluating car safety as well as the effectiveness of SoD rules.

 QUESTION #4 – I hope we don’t go back to the days of Swiss cheese seats and cut out torsion tubes, and cross members.

Any unsafe condition discovered by SoD that cannot be eliminated on the spot will result in the car not being allowed to race and possibly banned.

 QUESTION #5 – So I can build a 1,000 pound car to race with SoD?

If the car conforms to all SoD requirements.  Cars will be weighed and it is the car owner’s responsibility to prove their car is safe.  If safety is questionable for any reason, the car may be banned and the owner may be required to provide SoD with a conformance, safety, and liability affidavit before the car can compete with SoD.