FAQ #1: SoD’s place in the world of sprint car racing


SoD’s rules for 2016 are a drastic change from what people are used to.  In order to help people understand them better, we are starting a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) posts with each one focusing on a single topic.  This post, FAQ #1, focuses on how the new SoD fits into the world of sprint car racing.

 QUESTION #1 – How is SoD different?

 SoD calls their new format an unlimited sprint car class.  To avoid confusion, we consider groups like the All Stars and World of Outlaws, who visit our area from time to time, as ultimate sprint cars.  We are pleased that sprint car fans in our area have an opportunity to see these great groups in action.

 SoD’s focus is on Michigan tracks and tracks not too far out of state.  Our unlimited sprints focus on a certain level of performance restriction without sacrificing the “look and feel” of real winged sprint car racing and at a fraction of the cost of ultimate sprint cars for competitors, promoters, and race fans.  The ultimate organizations cover a much broader area and are the undisputed top-line, fastest sprint cars found anywhere.

 QUESTION #2 – How does SoD fit in with current sprint car classes and organizations?

 SoD’s new format completely shatters the current practice of identifying sprint cars by their engine size, typically 305, 360, or 410.  It is no secret that a consistent full field of cars is a challenge for most tracks and organizations.  SoD’s new format allows almost any sprint car running anywhere to race in SoD events.

QUESTION #3 – Will SoD compete with organizations like the All Star Circuit of Champions and the World of Outlaws?

 No, SoD does not attempt to replace or compete with ASCoC or WoO, but to complement them.  Promoters in our region can partner with SoD to:

  1. Promote their upcoming ultimate sprint car shows,
  2. Try out a sprint car show before deciding whether or not to schedule the much higher cost, ultimate sprint car shows. Promoters who do not run regular sprint shows now have the opportunity to run a SoD show and get a good car count since no one is excluded.
  3. Run sprint cars when they cannot realistically afford the cost of ultimate sprint car shows.

 QUESTION #4 – What about tracks running weekly sprint shows?

It is in SoD’s best interest to help promoters build and maintain healthy sprint car programs that offer race fans full fields of cars and exciting racing.  Promoters already running a weekly sprint program can run a SoD show as a special event without the worry of excluding regular competitors. 

 Some promoters will see the advantages of the SoD format and adopt it for their own tracks.  This would provide an opportunity to create a healthy rivalry by scheduling SoD shows too.

 QUESTION #5 – And tracks that do not run weekly sprint shows?

Promoters who do not run regular sprint shows now have the opportunity to run a SoD show and get a full field of cars since virtually no sprint car is excluded.


NEXT FAQ – Car weight.



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