he following is some information regarding the ASCS Sprints on Dirt scheduled at Plymouth Speedway on June 16.


The A-Main starting field will consist of 16 cars. The top 12 drivers will be chosen by ASCS passing points rules, with the top eight doing the redraw. Drivers 9-12 will run the Dash to determine starting positions 9-12.

Positions 13-16 will be awarded to the top four finishers of the B-main. The possibility of two b-mains will be considered based on car count.

This is a full ASCS Sprints on Dirt points race.

Lap lengths are the following- Heat races will be 10 laps, the B main will be 15 laps and the A main will be 30 laps.

Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to add a promoter’s option starting position to the A-main.