Hortsman Dominates at Mt Pleasant


Jared Horstman. - Mudclodbob Photo

From Mike Strevel

Mt. Pleasant, MI — (June 29, 2012) — On a hot, humid evening in Mt Pleasant Michigan, Cloverdale Ohio driver Jared Horstman took the victory in the only appearance this season at the fast 3/8 mile oval. Renegade Racing Fuels and Miles Petroleum Group presented the action at the northern Michigan oval and the great crowd was not disappointed, a total of 28 cars checked into the pits.

Horstman started in fourth position for the twenty five lap main event. A total of two yellow flags slowed the action, however the feature winner was able to capture his second Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP of the season in dominating fashion by taking the lead on lap two and holding the lead the rest of the 25 lap feature distance.

The feature winning driver stated: “I have to thank my Dad and my hard working crew; we are really on to something right now and hope that it continues”. The top five finishers following Horstman were Dustin Daggett, Ryan Grubaugh third, Gregg Dalman fourth and Greg Wheeler fifth.

Heat victors were Horstman, Daggett, Shawn Dancer and Grubaugh. The B main went to Brett Mann and Gregg Dalman took the Brodix Heads Dash.

Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP Results-

Friday June 29th, 2012

Mt Pleasant Speedway- Mt Pleasant Michigan

Car Count (28)

Heat Races (Top 16 in passing points transfer to the “A” Feature)

Engler Machine and Tool Heat Race #1 (8 laps): 1.17 Jared Horstman 2. 7 Darren Long 3. 14 Gary Fast 4. 27b Brad Lamberson 5. 10 Steve Irwin 6. 29s Marques Huffer 7. 70 Jim Lingar

Allstar Performance/Comp Cams Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 2m Dustin Daggett 2. 46 Robert Huisken 3. 11 Trey Smith 4. 8 Tim Champlain 5. 10s Jay Steinbach 6. 22t Tank Brakenberry 7. 16 Ryan Ruhl

Butlerbuilt Seats Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. 49 Shawn Dancer 2. 4t Josh Turner 3. 49t Gregg Dalman 4. 11w Chris Ackland 5. 3w Brett Mann 6. 31 Andy Teunessen 7. 4 Eric Smith

Hoosier Tire Heat Race #4 (8 Laps): 1. 00 Ryan Grubaugh 2. 20a Andy Chehowski 3. 16c Greg Wheeler 4. 81 John Gall 5. 2g Joe Geibe 6. 2t Ralph Brakenberry 7. 21t Troy Chehowski-DNS

B-Main (Top four finishers transfer to the A-Main)

Engine Pro B-Main (10 Laps): 1. 3w Brett Mann 2.11w Chris Ackland 3. 31 Andy Teunessen 4. 10s Jay Steinbach 5. 22t Tank Brakenberry 6. 29s Marques Huffer 7. 4 Eric Smith 8. 70 Jim Lingar 9. 2g Joe Geibe DNS- 16 Ruhl, 21T Chehowski, 2t R. Brakenberry

Brodix Heads Fast Car Dash (4 Laps): 1.49t Gregg Dalman 2. 14 Gary Fast

3. 27b Brad Lamberson 4. 4t Josh Turner

Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP “A” Feature

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1.17 Jared Horstman 2. 2m Dustin Daggett 3. 00 Ryan Grubaugh 4. 49t Gregg Dalman 5. 16c Greg Wheeler 6.20a Andy Chehowski 7. 3w Brett Mann 8.46 Robert Huisken 9. 11w Chris Ackman 10. 14 Gary Fast11. 7 Darren Long 12. 10 Steve Irwin 13. 27b Brad Lamberson 14. 11 Trey Smith 15. 4t Josh Turner 16. 31 Andy Teunessen 17. 10s Jay Steinbach 18. 81 John Gall 19. 49 Shawn Dancer 20. 8 Tim Champlain

Note For Teams and Fans Going to Mt. Pleasant and Merritt


Attention race teams attending this coming weekends events at Mt Pleasant and Merritt the hotels in Mt Pleasant are very full for Friday night June 29, if you have trouble finding a room I had better luck finding rooms in Houghton Lake. If you would like to camp, Rick at Merritt told me you can drive to Merritt Friday night and he will have the camping area open at the track along with a family restroom that has showers available. Also teams getting to Merritt early on Saturday can meet and greet with the fans at 4:00 p.m. for an autograph session. See you there!

Note for ASCS SOD Teams For Plymouth


Attention Teams that attended Plymouth on June 16- Per the change in the ASCS Sprints on Dirt rules for 2012, the 24 drivers that attempted to race Saturday will receive 50 appearance points. The reschedule date of August 18 will be a complete new show with draw for heat lineup to be redone, along with hot laps, heats and rest of the program.

VERY IMPORTANT that you keep your pit bands fron June 16, treat them like cash as they will get you in free for the reschedule date. You forget or lose them you will have to purchase another one, so put them in a safe place and remember to bring them on August 18.

Also the Mt Pleasant race is June 29, there was a mistake on the tracks website listing June 22, It is the 29th followed by Merritt on the 30th. See you all there,