Dalman Drives to Tri-City Victory


051614_4119 copyAuburn, MI — (May 16, 2014) – Gregg Dalman won the Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP feature Friday night at the Tri-City Motor Speedway. Dalman took the lead from Dustin Daggett on the second lap and held on through a mid-race restart to take the victory. The victory was Dalman’s 12th career SOD victory driving his own Kistler powered Maxim chassis.

Daggett got the jump on the initial start and led lap one, but Dalman used the low side of the race track to his advantage to take the lead on lap two. From there Dalman was able to race through slower traffic and open up a lead. After a caution on lap 15 allowed the field to close, Dalman was up to the challenge and pulled away for the victory. Ohio driver Shawn Dancer moved into the running up spot with Daggett filling out the podium. Ryan Ruhl and Brett Mann rounded out the top five.

The Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP series continues Saturday night at the Plymouth Speedway for the Earl Gaerte Classic.

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP
Tri-City Motor Speedway – Auburn, MI
Friday May 16, 2014
Hoosier Racing Tire Heat Race # 1 (8 Laps): 1. Gregg Dalman, 2. Jason Blonde, 3. Troy Chehowski, 4. Gavin Hunyady, 5. Brett Mann, 6. Brett Lane, 7. Eric Smith, 8. Ralph Brakenberry.

Lane Automotive / Comp Cams Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. Dustin Daggett, 2. Chase Ridenour, 3. Chris Pobanz, 4. Ryan Ruhl, 5. John Gall, 6. Joe Geibe, 7. Craig Karazim.

Speed Pro Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. Shawn Dancer, 2. Andy Chehowski, 3. Brad Lamberson, 4. Robert Huisken, 5. Kyle Pitts, 6. Tank Brakenberry, 7. Jim Lingar.

Feature (25-Laps): 1. Gregg Dalman, 2. Shawn Dancer, 3. Dustin Daggett, 4. Ryan Ruhl, 5. Brett Mann, 6. Troy Chehowski, 7. Jason Blonde, 8. Robert Huisken, 9. Chase Ridenour, 10. Brad Lamberson, 11. Andy Chehowski, 12. Gavin Hunyady, 13 Joe Geibe, 14. Kyle Pitts, 15. John Gall, 16. Craig Karazim, 17. Brett Lane, 18. Ralph Brakenberry, 19. Tank Brakenberry, 20, Jim Lingar, 21. Eric Smith, 22. Chris Pobanz.

Lap Leaders: Daggett 1, Dalman 2-25
Engine Pro Lucky Dog: Ralph Brakenberry