Raceceivers and transponders required for 2016


Electronic communication requirements for the Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP 2016 season are listed below.

Raceceivers – Raceceiver one-way radios have been mandatory at all SOD events for some time now. If you don’t have your own raceceiver, you can rent one from SOD for $20 per event.

Transponders – Westhold yellow transponderRechargeable (yellow) Westhold transponders will be used for electronic scoring at all SOD events in 2016. Note that ONLY yellow transponders can be used.  This is the only transponder that works with a single track loop. If you don’t have your own yellow transponder, you can rent one from SOD for $15 per event.


Competitors who wish to purchase a raceceiver or transponder should call Eddie Smith at Lane Automotive, 269-463-0624, for Sprints On Dirt pricing.

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