Grubaugh Wins at Tri-City


Ryan Grubaugh with this crew in victory lane. - Jennifer Peterson Photo
Ryan Grubaugh with this crew in victory lane. – Jennifer Peterson Photo
Auburn, MI — (May 17, 2013) — In front of an enthuiastic crowd in Auburn, Michigan; the Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP feature was picked up by Ryan Grubaugh of St Johns,MI who captured his first feature win of the 2013 season .

A field of 22 winged sprint cars signed in on a wet and gray day. Grubaugh took advantage of a wide, racy track surface and made use of the traction on the highside of the oval and made his pass for the lead and eventual victory on lap five of the 25 lap main event. The 2010 SOD Champion took the lead from Gregg Dalman, who settled for third after an early lead, Brett Mann captured second. A first lap accident involving Steve Irwin, Dustin Daggett and Nate Bostrum was one of the three cautions at the beginning of the feature. Daggett flipped, totaling his car, all racers were fine, however all were done for the evening.

Grubaugh stated: “We had the car set up for the high side all night and it obviously paid off, I have to thank my family, crew and fine sponsors for making this all possible.”
A early evening rain shower delayed racing action at the 3/8 mile oval, a tremendous thanks must go out to Steve Puvalowski and his entire staff for working the track back in and getting in all of the scheduled races. Due to the rain delayed program, the Nitro Black Dash was scratched and the Engine Pro redraw was completed in the pit area.

The top five finishers of the evening for the Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP feature were—Grubaugh, Mann, Dalman, Wheeler, and Love.

In the special Tri City Motor Speedway Fastest Car qualifying session it was Steve Irwin of Fenton, MI setting the new record at 11.136, a full six tenths of a second lower than the old record. A total of eight drivers broke the existing track record set last August.

Heat race wins were captured by Robert Huisken, Brett Mann, and Gregg Dalman.

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP Results-
Friday May 17, 2013

Tri City Motor Speedway–Auburn, MI
Car Count 22

Heat Races (Top 16 in passing points transfer to the “A” Feature)

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat Race #1 (8 laps): 1. 46 Robert Huisken, 2. 16c Greg Wheeler, 3. 16 Ryan Ruhl, 4. 36 Nate Bostrum, 5. 8 Tim Champlin, 6. 31 Andy Teunessen , 7. 20a Andy Chehowski.

Allstar Performance/Comp Cams Heat Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. 19 Brett Mann, 2. 0 Steve Irwin, 3. 2m Dustin Daggett, 4. 77 Keith Love, 5. 21 Kirk Chaney, 6. 4 Eric Smith, 7. 10s Jay Steinbach

Speed Pro Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. 49t Gregg Dalman, 2. 23g Joe Geibe, 3. 3w Ryan Grubaugh, 4. 81 John Gall, 5. 89 Chris Pobanz, 6. 70 Jim Lingar, 7. 22t Tank Brakenberry, DNS 2t Ralph Brakenberry

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt Presented by ARP “A” Feature
“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 3w Ryan Grubaugh, 2. 19 Brett Mann, 3. 49t Gregg Dalman, 4. 16c Greg Wheeler, 5. 77 Keith Love, 6. 21 Kirk Chaney, 7. 46 Robert Huisken, 8. 31 Andy Teunessen, 9. 10s Jay Steinbach, 10. 8 Tim Champlin, 11. 81 John Gall, 12. 89 Chris Pobanz, 13. 22 Tank Brakenberry, 14. 16 Ryan Ruhl, 15. 70 Jim Lingar, 16. 4 Eric Smith, 17. 23g Joe Geibe, 18. 2m Dustin Daggett, 19. 0 Steve Irwin, 20. 36 Nate Bostrom.

Engine Pro Lucky Dog-Ryan Ruhl