Paperwork For Teams Competing Racing in Canada


Attached are copies of the Border Documents for our general season; the Northern Summer Nationals; and the Canadian Nationals.

These only confirm that they are going to race at a registered event.

Other than that the teams need to prepare a general inventory of the equipment they will be bringing across and have it approved at the US customs before crossing. This will make it somewhat easier when they return to the US as well as crossing into Canada. Don’t show that unless asked for it when entering Canada. They will all have to have either a Passport or and Enhanced Drivers License going both ways.

Ohsweken Speedway – COI Annual 2011

Ohsweken Speedway – COI for June 24, August 19, 2011 – Northern Summer Nationals

Ohsweken Speedway – COI for Sept. 15-17 – Canadian Sprint Car Nationals