Chad Blonde takes Jack & Jiggs Classic at Gas City


ERIE, MI (June 15, 2019) – Friday night, the Lane Automotive Sprints On Dirt powered by King Engine Bearings / MSD Ignition / Motul ventured south to Jerry Gappen’s pristine Gas City I-69 Speedway for the 2nd annual Jack and Jiggs Classic. Chad Blonde drove to an impressive win in front of the large, enthusiastic crowd after some pretty intense racing.

After a slow start, qualifying 4th in his heat group, Blonde regrouped and won the Engler Machine & Tool Heat and the MSD Performance Dash, earning the pole for the feature.  With a mad scramble into turn one on the first lap of the feature, Blonde was shuffled back to 4th as Zane DeVault charged into the lead.  After a couple early cautions, Blonde moved into 2nd on lap 4.  As the leaders got into traffic, Blonde powered into the lead on lap 8 and DeVault got boxed in, letting Blonde drive away.  From there on, Blonde was in full command and survived cautions and reds to take the win. 

The big crowd was thrilled by intense racing for 2nd through 5th between DeVault in a car just put together last week, Kody Kinser, Tyler Gunn, and Boston Mead.  Dan McCarron, running in the top 4, was the victim of contact by another car and flipped, bringing out the first red flag.  Reds also were displayed for a Jay Steinebach flip and a near flip by Joshua Turner.

Kody Kinser and Boston Mead were Benic Enterprises Fast Masters (fast qualifiers).  Blonde won the Engler Machine & Tool Heat and the MSD Performance Dash.  Zane Devault took the King Engine Bearings Heat

SOD point leader Ryan Ruhl had an eventful night as a mechanical issue prevented him from qualifying.  Ruhl started 18th in the feature and charged ahead only to be the victim of a spin.  Undaunted and restarting at the rear, he quickly moved up, finishing 7th and being the MAHLE / KSE Hard Charger.

Qualifying – Benic Enterprises Fast Masters (fast qualifiers)

Group Time # Driver
Engler Machine & Tool Heat 11.535 4K Kody Kinser
King Engine Bearings Heat 11.437 27B Boston Mead

Heat Races

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #1
  # Driver Contingency
1 5b Chad Blonde  
2 68G Tyler Gunn Ti22 Performance
3 22M Dan McCarron Racing Optics
4 4K Kody Kinser  
5 88N Frank Neill  
6 0 Ricky Ferkel  
7 70 Eli Lakin  
8 24 Eric Smith  
9 52 Zac Broughman  
DNS 3 Dustin Shriver  


King Engine Bearings Heat #2
  # Driver Contingency
1 7 Zane DeVault  
2 27B Boston Mead Ti22 Performance
3 4 Joshua Turner Racing Optics
4 5QB Quentin Blonde  
5 41 Thomas Schinderle  
6 10S Jay Steinebach  
7 1a Mark Aldrich  
8 24+ Michael Schumacher  
9 71H Ryan Ruhl  
10 27K Jason Blonde  


MSD Performance Dash
  # Driver Contingency
1 5b Chad Blonde  
2 7 Zane DeVault Allstar Performance
3 27B Boston Mead Racing Optics
4 68G Tyler Gunn  
5 22M Dan McCarron  
6 4 Joshua Turner  


  # Driver Contingencies
1 5b Chad Blonde Rod End Supply
2 7 Zane DeVault Rod End Supply
3 4K Kody Kinser Rod End Supply
4 68G Tyler Gunn Schoenfeld Headers
5 27B Boston Mead Saldana Racing Products
6 5QB Quentin Blonde Pyrotect Racing Cells
7 71H Ryan Ruhl King Racing Products
8 88N Frank Neill Keizer Aluminum Wheels
9 0 Ricky Ferkel  
10 70 Eli Lakin  
11 24 Eric Smith  
12 24+ Michael Schumacher  
13 41 Thomas Schinderle  
14 52 Zac Broughman  
15 27K Jason Blonde  
16 4 Joshua Turner  
17 10S Jay Steinebach  
18 1a Mark Aldrich  
19 22M Dan McCarron  
DNS 3 Dustin Shriver  

MAHLE Aftermarket Hard Charger – Ryan Ruhl (+11)
KSE Racing Products Hard Charger – Ryan Ruhl (+11)
BR Motorsports Contingency (feature top 10 draw) – Boston Mead
DMI (Diversified Machine) Contingency (feature 12-16 draw) – Zac Broughman
COMP Cams Lucky Dog – Eli Lakin
Allstar Performance Better Luck Next Time – Dan McCarron

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