Cap Henry top gun in COMP Cams End-of-the-Year Shootout


Wet victory laneCap Henry in a wet victory lane (Jim DenHamer photo)

Erie, MI (September 30, 2018) – Cap Henry (Republic, OH) returned to victory lane in Lane Racing’s (Armada, MI) J&J Auto Racing #4 for the second year in a row for the Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP season finale.  The COMP Cams End-of-the-Year Shootout at Berlin Speedway also overwhelmingly repeated as part of the season’s biggest dirt track race in Michigan.

There was nothing easy about the event, to say getting the show in was challenging would be an understatement.  The huge crowd braved frigid temperatures but rain, predicted to move in after 2:00 AM, made an early visit to the raceway.  Before the sprint feature, the AELMT 50-lap feature was halted at 28 laps due to relatively light but persistent rain.  Eventually, after much track prep by the Berlin track crew, the race was completed.  Before the sprints could roll out, rain increased.  Once again, the track crew went to work and the sprint car feature cars showed their determination to race by working the track for 31 laps.  Not wanting to take time to refuel the cars, the feature was reduced to 20 laps from the scheduled 30.

Ryan Ruhl (Coldwater, MI) was overall fast qualifier overall.  Joining Ruhl, Engler Machine & Tool heat Lane Automotive/MSD Ignition Fast Master, were Ricky Ferkel (Mt. Pleasant, MI) in the COMP Cams heat and Max Stambaugh (Elida, OH) in the heat.

Cap Henry won the Engler Machine & Tool heat, Josh Turner (Osseo, MI) won the COMP Cams heat, and Dylan Westbrook (Scotland, ON), won the heat.

Boston Mead (Onsted, MI) won the B-main.  Andrew Scheid was impressive, motoring around the high side of the track to finish 2nd from his 7th starting position.  Chad Blonde (Litchfield, MI), Steve Irwin (Fenton, MI), and John Gurley (Mishawaka, IN) also transferred to the feature.

Dylan Westbrook Ohsweken Speedway 360 sprint track champion, took the lead at the start of the feature from the pole with Ryan Ruhl right behind.  Westbrook gradually opened up a several car length lead while fifth starter Cap Henry worked his way up to 2nd.  As Westbrook was held up by heavy traffic, Henry was able to charge by him in turn 3 on lap 9.  From there on, Henry was the class of the field taking a commanding lead while Westbrook did his best to hold on to 2nd.  A lap 14 caution gave Westbrook a shot at Henry, but Henry maintained his mastery of the challenging track to cruise to the victory.

Ryan Ruhl took 3rd, Tyler Gunn (Napoleon, OH) 4th, and Zane DeVault (Plymouth, IN) 5th.  2018 SOD champion Chad Blonde struggled early in the night, but earned the KSE Hard Charger Award to finish 6th from his 18th starting spot.

As the checkered flag flew over the COMP Cams End-of-the-Year Shootout, the skies opened up; it wouldn’t have been possible to have run two more laps.

Qualifying – Lane Automotive/MSD Ignition Fast Masters (fast qualifiers)

Group Time # Driver
Engler Machine & Tool Heat 14.525 71H Ryan Ruhl
COMP Cams Heat 15.051 0F Ricky Ferkel Heat 14.967 51 Max Stambaugh

Heat Races, $100 to win, $30 for 2nd

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #1
  # Driver Contingency
1 (2) 4 Cap Henry
2 (4) 71H Ryan Ruhl
3 (1) 7J Joe Swanson Benic Enterprises
4 (3) 68G Tyler Gunn Racing Optics
5 (8) 7 Shawn Valenti
6 (6) 27B Boston Mead
7 (5) 46 Robert Huisken
8 (7) 77 Andrew Scheid


COMP Cams Heat #2
  # Driver Contingency
1 (1) 4T Josh Turner
2 (2) 7z Zane DeVault
3 (4) 0F Ricky Ferkel Benic Enterprises
4 (5) 3A Mike Astrauskas Racing Optics
5 (7) 8 Justin Ward
6 (8) 3G John Gurley
7 (3) 0 Steve Irwin
8 (6) 31 Matt Kinzinger Heat #3
  # Driver Contingency
1 (1) 47x Dylan Westbrook
2 (2) 49T Gregg Dalman
3 (4) 51 Max Stambaugh
4 (6) 10S Jay Steinebach  Racing Optics
5 (3) 5QB Quentin Blonde
6 (5) 5B Chad Blonde
7 (7) 91L Alexis Adgate
8 (8) 33 Jeremy Ferguson


  # Driver Contingency
1 (1) 27B Boston Mead
2 (7) 77 Andrew Scheid
3 (3) 5B Chad Blonde
4 (5) 0 Steve Irwin
5 (2) 3G John Gurley
6 (8) 31 Matt Kinzinger
7 (9) 33 Jeremy Ferguson
8 (4) 46 RobertHuisken
9 (6) 91L Alexis Adgate



  # Driver Awards Contingencies
1 (5) 4 Cap Henry
2 (1) 47x Dylan Westbrook Jim Coffey & Son Rod End Supply
3 (2) 71H Ryan Ruhl Rod End Supply
4 (10) 68G Tyler Gunn Schoenfeld Headers
5 (6) 7z Zane DeVault ATL Racing Fuel Cells
6 (18) 5B Chad Blonde Allstar Performance
7 (9) 51 Max Stambaugh
8 (16) 27B Boston Mead
9 (15) 5QB Quentin Blonde King Racing Products
10 (17) 77 Andrew Scheid
11 (12) 10S Jay Steinebach Keizer Aluminum Wheels
12 (13) 7 Shawn Valenti
13 (8) 0F Ricky Ferkel
14 (11) 3A Mike Astrauskas
15 (3) 49T Gregg Dalman
16 (14) 8 Justin Ward
17 (4) 4T Josh Turner
18 (20) 10S Jay Steinebach
19 (7) 7J Joe Swanson
20 (19) 0 Steve Irwin

KSE Racing Products Hard Charger – Chad Blonde (+12)
BR Motorsports Contingency (feature top 10 draw) – Tyler Gunn
DMI (Diversified Machine) Contingency (feature 12-16 draw) – John Gurley
Perfit Corporation Lucky Dog – Steve Irwin
Allstar Performance Better Luck Next Time – Andrew Scheid

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