Shawn Valenti Wins First Career Sprints On Dirt Feature At Baer Field Motorsports Park


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Fostoria, Ohio driver, Shawn Valenti would led all 30 laps of the Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP MAHLE/Clevite Beyond Limits Challenge Race #1 at Baer Field Motorsports Park to score his first career SOD victory.

The first race on the Baer Field Motorsports Park new ¼ mile track was originally scheduled for Saturday.  Unfortunately very heavy rains turned the track into something referred to as “Baer Lake,” but promoter Dave Muzzillo didn’t give up and surprisingly was able to get the track in shape for the Sunday rain date.

Mark Aldrich, Brett Mann, and Thomas Schinderle were Lane Automotive/MSD Ignition Fast Masters for their respective heats.  Landon Simon won the Engler Machine & Tool heat after a lap one flip by Greg Wheeler that ended his night early.  Brett Mann won the COMP Cams heat, and Dain Naida won the heat.  Dan McCarron took the win in the B-Main.  2015 SOD Champion Gregg Dalman encountered mechanical problems and was unable to resolve them at the track.

Four laps into the feature, Mark Aldrich and Brett Mann came together between turns 1 and 2, ending their night.  Due to an extended red period, the field was allowed to add fuel.

31-year-old Valenti, in his Log Cabin Tavern / Triple X Chassis entry, held off consistent challenges from former pavement sprint winner at Baer Field, Joe Swanson to take home the win.  Swanson settled for 2nd as USAC Racing National Sprint Car Series regular, Landon Simon was third over heat race Fast Master and series rookie of the year contender Thomas Schinderle who finished 4th, while 2001 SOD Champion, Stevie Irwin completed the top five.

Qualifying – Lane Automotive/MSD Ignition Fast Masters (fast qualifiers) $50 each

Group Time # Driver
Engler Machine & Tool Heat 13.784 1a Mark Aldrich
COMP Cams Heat 13.716 16B Brett Mann Heat 13.537 41 Thomas Schinderle

Heat Races – Winners $100 each

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #1
  # Driver Contingency
1 24 Landon Simon
2 7J Joe Swanson Kistler Racing Products
3 10J Chris Jones Racing Optics
4 1a Mark Aldrich
5 47 Robert Bulloch
6 58 Tony Bures
7 20A Andy Chehowskli
8 48 Greg Wheeler


COMP Cams Heat #2
  # Driver Contingency
1 16B Brett Mann
2 7 Shawn Valenti Allstar Performance
3 0 Steve Irwin Racing Optics
4 46 Robert Huisken
5 21T Troy Chehowski
6 10S Jay Steinebach
7 6 Tyler Bearden
8 57 Tyler Fitzpatrick Heat #3
  # Driver Contingency
1 17x Dain Naida
2 0W Brad Wyatt Kistler Racing Products
3 41 Thomas Schinderle Racing Optics
4 71H Ryan Ruhl
5 2 Ricky Peterson
6 22M Dan Mccarron
7 19J Linden Jones
8 77 Andrew Scheid


  # Driver
1 22m Dan McCarron
2 10S Jay Steinebach
3 20A Andy Chehowski
4 77 Andrew Scheid
5 6 Tyler Bearden
6 19J Linden Jones
7 57 Tyler Fitzpatrick
8 58 Tony Bures


  # Driver Contingencies
1 7 Shawn Valenti Rod End Supply
2 7J Joe Swanson Rod End Supply
3 24 Landon Simon Rod End Supply
4 41 Thomas Schinderle Schoenfeld Headers
5 0 Steve Irwin ATL Racing Fuel Cells
6 0W Brad Wyatt
7 17x Dain Naida Allstar Performance
8 10J Chris Jones
9 71H Ryan Ruhl King Racing Products
10 22m Dan Mccarron
11 46 Robert Huisken Keizer Aluminum Wheels
12 2 Ricky Peterson
13 20A Andy Chehowski
14 10S Jay Steinebach
15 47 Robert Bulloch
16 21T Troy Chehowski
17 6 Tyler Bearden
18 77 Andrew Scheid
19 16B Brett Mann
20 1a Mark Aldrich


KSE Racing Products Hard Charger – Dan McCarron
BR Motorsports Contingency (feature top 10 draw) – Joe Swanson
DMI (Diversified Machine) Contingency (feature 12-16 draw) – Robert Bulloch
Perfit Corporation Lucky Dog – Robert Huisken

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