Points for the Co-Sanctioned Weekend


Just a note to Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP competitors for the upcoming co-sanctioned weekend.

Points in this weekend’s events in the same manner that has been done over the past several years. Only ASCS SOD members or drivers that have competed in previous SOD events this season will receive points. Meaning, the top finishing SOD driver will be awarded 150 points, the second highest 142 and so on regardless of finishing position. For example, if only four SOD drivers make the “A” Main, the first non-quaifying SOD driver receives 5th place points (125) and so on.

A driver must take the green flag in his/her “B” Main to receive feature points. Not taking the green flag will result in 65 points. If no green flag is taken at all during the night, 50 points.

If you have any questions, please use our contact page.