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King Engine Bearings King of Michigan Points

SOD King Engine Bearings
King of Michigan Points
as of July 15*
Car #DriverPoints
15BChad Blonde292
27Shawn Valenti251
35Andy Teunessen249
449TGregg Dalman227
50Ricky Ferkel226
610SJay Steinebach225
74Tyler Fitzpatrick225
83Dustin Shriver221
911Trey Smith206
1024Eric Smith204
1118Michael Summers204
121AMark Aldrich201
138Justin Ward195
1424+Mike Schumaker192
158Josh Ward188
1652Zac Broughman183
1771HRyan Ruhl150
180Steve Irwin142
1900Thomas Meseraull130
2027BBoston Mead125
217JJoe Swanson122
222+Brian Smith122
235QBQuentin Blonde108
2458Tony Bures104
2527WTy Williams96
2619Brett Mann92
2770Eli Lakin90
* - Not all drivers meet eligibility requirements

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