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Sprints on Dirt has a new attitude!!!
It has taken the minds of an “out of the box” Racetrack Promotor and a new Series Director with almost 17 years with Sprints on Dirt who has been under the direction of 8 different Series Directors to finally shake up this Series but we have put our heads together and come up with some ideas that we think will do just that!
Some of the most important changes SOD has made since last season are we have done away with the tires that have kept a lot of drivers from racing with us, overhauled our rulebook to conform with the other sprint car series, brought our purse up to $2000.00 to win and raised tow money to $125.00. Yes we are still a BEYOND LIMITS SERIES. There are no engine limits and no weight limits making this series one-of-a-kind! Running with one of the oldest wing sprint car series just got easier, more cost effective and more exciting. We’ve also made some other changes that we will be announcing at a later date. That’s what I call a new attitude.
As far as our crew, we have Dave Muzzillo as the SOD Series Co-Owner who will be present at all but a couple of the races this year, Pat Holzinger as Series Director basically running the show the same as last season, Walter (Buddha) Buchs as Race Director returning for his second season directing the racing surface from the tower, Curtis Wolfinger as Tech and Pit Steward returning for his second season, Tim Beebe returning as Flagman whom we all know and love, Julie Beebe returning as backup Scorer and all around go to Gal and this year we are happy to introduce Sue Schwark as our Media Director. Sue will be keeping the fans up to date and can be found on Facebook or at
Stay tuned for future updates………

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