After three years of planning, Sprints on Dirt is excited to announce dramatic new 2016 rules that may be destined to shake up the entire sprint car racing world! To sum up the major points of Sprints on Dirt’s 2016 rule book:
• No engine rules.
• No weight rule.
• Cars must maintain the appearance of a current conventional sprint car.
• Single right rear and single left rear spec tires.
• Current wing rules to avoid increased wing costs.
• Safety rules will, of course, remain in place.

Virtually any sprint car racing anywhere today will be legal to race with SoD in 2016. Beyond that, any engine will be legal! The door will also be opened to utilize equipment currently not being raced. The emphasis will be on driver and mechanic skill, not astronomical budgets and state-of-the-art equipment.

Controlling costs is a concern at every level in any type of racing. For several years SoD, as a headline series, has been in compliance with numerous 360 cubic inch sprint car organizations by adhering to ASCS rules. However, 2015 ASCS changes and pending future changes make this approach unrealistic and problematic. Although ASCS announced yesterday that they were forgoing the aluminum block allowance for 2016, it makes little or no difference. Our dilemma became how to abandon these rules while not becoming an isolated, one of a kind restricted organization; SoD has found a way.

The SoD approach is simple; less is better; decrease rules and restrictions to an absolute minimum and exclude no one from racing with SoD. New spec right rear and left rear tires, both built specifically to meet our requirements will limit the impact of expensive horsepower while enhancing competition. The new tires maintain the traditional sprint car look. Testing of the tire package has been very successful.


SoD’s goals for racers are:
• An opportunity to utilize equipment that may not be practical or legal now.
• Decrease the cost to be competitive considerably with the right racer and mechanic skills.
• Allow visiting racers to race with SoD with no more changes to their home-legal cars than they now make from one track to another.
• Help regular competitors who experience engine failures to return to competition at a lower cost and in less time than now.
• Make it easy for new competitors to race with SoD regardless of the motor they have. Any motor, legal anywhere else or not, will be legal with SoD.
• Through increased interest, increase sponsorship opportunities for SoD competitors.

SoD’s goals for race fans are:
• To present more exciting races.
• Have closer competition.
• Increase the number cars.

SoD’s goals for parts businesses, distributors and retailers alike are:
• For a greater number of automotive parts manufacturers will see a new market open.
• More opportunities to increase business through this new approach to sprint car racing.
• Make sponsorships of SoD, its partner tracks, and competitors more beneficial.
• Provide the potential of increased sales to racing fans and racers alike.

SoD’s goals for track promoters are:
• More fan interest.
• Larger fields of cars.
• Closer competition.
• Greater promotional opportunities.
• For tracks currently running a sprint car class regularly, their regular competitors will no longer be excluded from the track’s SoD shows due to rules.

From its inception over 35 years ago, Sprints on Dirt has been a leader and innovator. Several things commonplace in sprint car racing today were originated by SoD. It is a good bet that this will be another one. We are determined to ensure that sprint car racing not only survives, but prospers and grows.

Sprints on Dirt welcomes open dialogue with competitors, tracks, and organizations interested in the revolution!